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What is PBN [PBN] backlink? Buy pbn backlinks


PBN backlinks are one of the multi-step link building methods . Buying pbn backlinks and buying PBN reports is the best multi-step backlink methodPbn link building in 2022 will play a very significant role in the growth of keyword rankings . In this article, we will discuss what is pbn , pbn reporting and the difference between PBN and PDN . Stay tuned for this article behnam babazadeh .

What is PBN backlink? & buy PBN backlink (PBN link building) 2022

What is pbn backlink? (Pbn linking)

Pbn backlinks (PBN) or more specifically (Private Blog Network) is  a network of hidden sites.

More information about backlinks What is a backlink ? You can click to read.

PBN sites are very powerful and effective in simplicity. So that they are sometimes equal to a news site .

Pbn link building requires the personal experience of a professional SEO. There are many and many tutorials on Persian and English web about making pbn network . But most of them are parrot-like and a copy of another, which is often published either by mistake or inadvertently. Which is fundamentally wrong and leads you in the wrong direction.

But how does pbn backlinks help our site SEO ?

Maybe the question of many friends who are looking for pbn link building . ” Pbn backlinks” in various ways can grow and place your keyword in G o o g l e rankings  .

Those who want to experience pbn linking . The advice of the SEO hat site is: either have a site as a test where you can test the error. Or under the supervision of an experienced SEO, use pbn backlinks to link to your main site.

What is pbn? pbn is a collection of sites that are used only for optimizing keywords and site SEO. Which we have named pbn .

Buy pbn backlinks ( buy pbn reports )

Purchasing pbn backlinks is one of the special services of Behnam Babazadeh site . We are proud to announce that we are the founder of the first and largest network of PBN sites in Iran, which is unique. The best source for buying pbn backlinks with the highest quality.

To order pbn link building, call 09120275001 on WhatsApp or Telegram ID: @Aradnb  .

After purchasing the pbn report from our site, you will receive a free consultation for linking on pbn sites .

Backlinks are in the form of reports. Pbn Reporting : An article published on pbn sites is called pbn reporting .

In purchasing pbn backlinks, Behnam Babazadeh offers services in two ways:

  1. Receiving your ready article with links (more than 3 links are not accepted) and publishing them on pbn sites is accepted.
  2. Generate content and prepare them along with links and keywords with Behnam Babazadeh strategy (includes cost)

The best and least risky backlinks for the growth and empowerment of your website words are pbn backlinks .

For more information about buying pbn reports and multi-step link building, read on.

Multi-step linking or multi-step backlinks

Multi-step backlink building is the same as multi-step backlinking , which is still one of the best link building methods in Off Page Seo and  strong backlinks .

In recent years, this type of linking method has become less common. And according to the policies of today’s SEOs, multi-stage backlinks were considered a black method. Multi-step linking, on the other hand , has always been one of the best methods for growing keywords.

From now on, keyword competition will be so tight that we will need to design link building campaigns to even grow a rank in Serp  . Pbn reports will work well for us.

It is also a multi-step link building method with a double-edged sword. But what does it mean? In the multi-step backlink method , a series of general principles must be observed.

SEOs who do not have enough experience to implement multi-step link building . At least it is better not to test this method on the keyword and your main site.

In general, running a multi-step backlink project is not complicated and scary. But it is better to have experience or run this project under the supervision of an SEO consultant . Given that this project is a bit costly.

For such projects, the Behnam Babazadeh site has prepared ready-made packages for you dear ones. Which you can use if needed.

Examples of sites that we use for pbn backlinks (pbn reporting),  for multi-step linking, can be seen in the table below.

MOZ authority domain PBN sites


All sites that provide pbn backlinks all have high authority. Of course, in my personal opinion, the authority of the moz site is by no means as important as the authority of  G o o g l e “Google Rank” , which we can not see with our eyes.

But how can we know to some extent whether Google has an authority for pbn sites or not !!!

Things that can affect the credibility, authority and effectiveness of a pbn site :

We explained about multi-step linking or multi-step backlinks with pbn sites. In the following, we will talk about the price of backlinks and pbn reporting (basically ready-made packages) . Be with this article.

Price and purchase of pbn backlinks and ready-made packages

The price and purchase of pbn backlinks or the purchase of pbn reports , as mentioned above, is 500,000 Toman . But in ready-made packages, the price of pbn reports comes with a step discount.

To buy pbn backlinks , the prices are listed in the table below. Which you can get by calling WhatsApp  and Telegram number 09120275001 . Prices are not fixed and there is a possibility of change.

1 PBN report 500,000 Tomans
5 PBN reports 2,000,000 Tomans
15 PBN reports 5,700,000 Tomans
30 PBN reports 11,400,000 Tomans
60 PBN reports 22,200,000 Tomans
100 Special Discount PBN Reports 29,000,000 Tomans


The price of pbn reportage or the price of pbn backlink is determined quite fairly with the calculations in the table above. And compared to the reportage price, news agencies are very convenient and in many cases have a more significant impact.

When buying pbn backlinks to test whether they are effective or not. At the suggestion of SEO hat , prepare at least 15-15 reports. To be aware of the power of sites and pbn ad reporting .

After buying and using pbn reports , it is rare to go to the news agency reports. Read more about the difference between pbn or pdn sites Read more:

What is the difference between PBN and PDN?

One of the major questions asked by SEOs is the term pbn or pdn . It looks like this:

What is the difference between pbn and pdn ? The first thing to look for: In the SEO world, we use terms that only SEOs use.

Where does the word pbn or pdn come from? We will deal with each of these terms separately.

pbn is basically a network of sites created solely for SEO purposes. It is called ( Private Blog Network ).

pdn  In a similar definition to pbn, it refers to a network of domains that have many powerful backlinks and have high Google authority. It is called ( Private Domain Network ).

The unanswered question that remains in between.

What is the difference between pbn and pdn ? The fact is that there is no difference between the two terms. Only these terms convey the correct meaning of how they work.

Which one does the SEO Hat site offer?

The network of sites that we provide services applies to both pbn and pdn .

Explaining that the first and largest PBN network in Iran was our group, which is about 3 years old.

We talked about the difference between pbn and pdn . It is time for the feature of pbn sites. Read more with us.

What are the features of pbn sites?

Features in pbn backlinks and pbn sites, pdn is Behnam Babazadeh site .

This is also a feature of pbn or pdn backlinks. In the following, the conditions for inserting the report and purchasing pbn or pdn backlinks are described.

Terms of reporting and purchasing pbn or pdn backlinks

To order and buy pbn backlinks , you must pay attention to the items mentioned.

  1. Your website and page should not have an ethical problem with being approved.
  2. The minimum backlinks you can get from a pbn report are 3 follow backlinks .
  3. You can also use photos and videos for your reports, but uploaded to your own web or host.
  4. Content based on your keyword and target page can be generated by the SEO cap at the cost of each article.
  5. On pbn sites you can use English articles in the conditions mentioned. In tests conducted for foreign sites in English, Arabic and Russian will also increase your keyword.

Conditions for buying pbn backlinks were mentioned. Finally , we’ll look at some common questions that most friends may have.

Frequently asked questions about buying and ordering pbn reports and PBN backlinks

⭐ Is PBN network recognizable by Google ?

No, all sites on a dedicated server with a dedicated IP are different and can not be identified and communicated between sites. In addition, these sites are completely independent and it is not possible to report them to Google.

PBN backlinks is a black hat linking method ?

Namely yes – but with the terms and features I have offered you, we can conclude that all  the PBN sites  that we offer are like a completely independent site with different owners and completely unique and different content in appearance and content. But in reality these sites belong to a team and lead to one person that Google has no way to identify these cases.  Violation of the first answer means yes 🙂  (  from Google’s point of view, each of these sites belongs to one person and link building on these sites is considered a gray hat. Which is still not recognizable  )

Are the reports published on one or more sites or are they different?

Each report is published on a site, which increases Trust G o o g l e (Google’s trust in your site) as well as Referred Domain (domains referred to you). Both are necessary for the development of your site SEO.

How many links can we get from each pbn report ?

For pbn reports, we finally considered 3 follow links so that high output links and spam are not created.

Are your PBN reports permanent and cannot be deleted?

Yes, the reports we provide are permanent. Unlike most reports you get from reputable news sites, it is limited. About deleting reports Our personal sites depend on pbn sites. Daily backups are taken and there is no need to worry.

pbn link building and PBN backlinks are suitable for which type of sites?

Suitable for all sites. Pbn link building is suitable for old and even authoritative sites. Because the power they receive from our PBN sites increases the current power of your site. About newly established sites: They are extremely effective so you can reassure yourself. That you get links from the best sites trusted by Google.

Does pbn backlinks increase MOZ authority ?

This varies on the target sites and depends on your order as well as the current state of your site. If ordered, multiple MOZ authority pbn reports will also change.

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